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Cookie’s drive in

A look at the name, and someone would ask…”Do you sell cookies?”  At least that is what I hear when I say it’s name.  Cookie’s Drive In is a restaurant/ burger joint  located in Sacramento , Ca.  It’s been in business since the 1960’s selling the same burgers with the same names. In the last 20 years, Cookie’s expanded their menu and included many delicious items traditional burger joints might not have.

Along their Signature all beef burgers, they have also made a name serving signature Ostrich Burgers, Turkey Burgers, and Buffalo Burgers. In addition, they also feature a variety of non-meat burgers (vegetarians can also get a bite into the burger).

As a loyal patron myself, I have personally seen customers come and go.  More importantly, they come back.  Cookie’s drive in has been a gem in the east sacramento neighborhood.  Whether customers have moved out of town, out of state ( as far as Hawaii… seriously), or gone to college, Cookie’s drive in has been a place where they can always come back to eat.

Well, more stuff ( food creations, random thoughts, etc) will be posted…..stay tuned…..


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